Alan Anderson – Slouch

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Alan Anderson @ Slouch

Quite a few of the guys I’ve spoken to have mentioned Alan Anderson as a good guy and a great Blues man so when I got a Facebook invite to his solo gig at Slouch in Bath Street, Glasgow I decided to drop in and say hello…and I’m glad I did.

Alan is one of those unassuming individuals with a quiet confidence about him and as we talked it became clear that he’d paid his dues on various circuits.

His acoustic playing is superb and his laid back vocals and easy manner soon chill you right out and any stresses of the day fade away as he meanders his way through the set. The original material is quite moving at times as he openly shares the meaning behind certain lyrics.


Alan Anderson @ Slouch

Alan is one of those players that like to connect with the audience and the eye contact plays a large part of this. Again, the experience shows through and there is a genuine warmth and quiet confidence from start to finish.

It’s one of those nights in Glasgow where hardly anyone is out so it’s quiet in Slouch tonight, it’s quiet everywhere tonight but the audience gradually builds and 2 things become obvious:

1. Everyone is a musician tonight
2. This is not the first time they’ve been here

Something else becomes obvious as each player goes up on stage:

They’re good…all of them…and when I say good, I mean…really good!

I’ll do a quick roll call

Eric Hathaway, Pete Parisetti (and his wife Angela), J B Taton and Martina Alberi


Eric Hathaway @ Slouch



JB Taton @ Slouch


Martina Alberi @ Slouch


Alan Anderson @ Slouch


Enter a caption


Pete Parisetti and Angela Higney

There was a great mix of styles thoughout the night. Jazz, Blues, Americana, Country, Cuban and many more.

I’d got there early and my phone died so I had no idea what time it was and to be honest I didn’t care. I knew Alan was on till half past midnight but I wasn’t going to stay till the end..I had a 6am start the next day.

The atmosphere was really relaxed and great fun and everyone was having a good time but I knew I should probably go so I said my goodbyes and got into the car. The clock on the dashboard said 00:25. Good job I never stayed till 00:30…I’d have been knackered in the morning!

Looking forward to catching up with Alan in the near future for more of a chat and a portrait.


  1. Thanks for your photos and comments, Kirk


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