Dave Arcari

Dave Arcari


Style: High Energy Alternative Blues

Influences: Dave Arcari’s alt.blues sounds owe as much to trash country, punk and rockabilly as they do pre-war Delta blues


Dave has a strong connection with King Tuts Wah Wah Hut dating back to his teenage years and has seen it transform into what has been quoted as “Best UK Live Venue” by Radio 1.  The venue has an aged authenticity about it and when you stand on the worn wooden floorboards, looking up at the stage you can almost hear the place breathing.  Dave has toured all over the world and is a regular visitor to the States and Europe but the answers to the questions below show the strength of feeling Dave has around his favourite Glasgow venue…

Favourite venue: King Tuts!

If you had one gig left to play and it could be anywhere in the universe, past, present or future…where would it be?  King Tuts!!

You spend a lot of time on the road.  What drives you to keep touring?  Can’t help it…it’s in my blood (along with the whisky!) 

You give 100% when you’re on stage.  You put everything into it.  How do you feel after a gig?  Exhausted and (usually) happy!

What makes a great gig?  a vibe..a feeling…a connection with the audience. While the audience could be handful of people and I like to think I give it my all at every show, an enthusiastic crowd, good sound etc all contribute to ‘a great gig’.



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