Ian Forker

Dave Arcari  &  Ian Forker

Photo with kind permisson from Bigoax Blues. Dave Arcari and Ian Forker at The Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow


Style: Classic Blues

Influences: Everything Blues

It was 1990 and I had just started to get into the Glasgow Blues scene.  I would come into Glasgow to see various Blues Jams and bands at The State Bar, Wintersgills etc and the more I came in, the more I saw this one individual everywhere I went.  He seemed to be everywhere! On one occasion one of my mates pointed over the bar and said “There’s that guy again!  Who is he?”

“He”…was Ian Forker and I wasn’t to know it at the time but he was to become a good friend in the years to come and was an usher at my wedding.

Ian never seemed to age in all the time I knew him and his demeanour and attitude remained consistent throughout.  The smile he would deliver when he met you was one of those smiles that lit up the surrounding area and you couldn’t help feeling good when you saw him.

There was always a harp in his pocket and fire in his heart when it came to the Blues and he took that with him when he realised his dream and moved to New Zealand to spend time with his son John and daughter Sally and grandchildren Scarlett and Hamish.

Throughout his time in Glasgow Ian shared numerous stages with hundreds of different local players, touring musicians and recording artists that found their way to the vibrant Blues scene that permeates the city.  You will find it difficult to meet a Blues player in Glasgow that has not jammed with Ian at some point and he will be sorely missed for his harp playing, his wisdom and general good cheer.

Good night Sir.  Rest easy.  Now go and show those angels what a harp is meant to sound like…